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Produktfotografie - OK Photography Olaf Köster

Product Photography

The classic, unromantic but reliable kind of photography: producing perfect, simple, non-staged images, which can be used cross-media. Factual, consistent, valuable. And consistently valuable.

Consistent valuable.

On Location - OK Photography Olaf Köster

On Location

The clue to the most important factor in this category is in the name: Location. Finding exactly the right location is key to what we do for you here. A location that’s exciting, surprising, and fits to your product, perfectly contextualizing it- and is able to tell a story. Whether it's indoors or outdoors does not change anything in terms of approach and ambition. And of course it does not change the result!

What matters is the location.

Studio - OK Photography Olaf Köster


Virtually a home game for us! Here you have got everything you could possibly need: room, light, space, even a kitchen if needed. That our equipment is always up to date and fits the highest standards, goes without saying. Because even the best camera is no guarantee for a decent picture!

Everything under control.

Reportage/Industrie - OK Photography Olaf Köster


Storytelling is essential here as well. But »Here« is always in a different place and therefore requires a great deal of experience and feeling. Often you’re up against time, and certain situations can simply not be recreated. Here intuition matters as much as technology, and sensitivity as much as presence of mind.

For a story in pictures.

High-End-Retusche - OK Photography Olaf Köster


For a perfect look, our in-house post production is waiting for you. From flawless surfaces to 3D visualization. In any case you will not have any other contact person.

Guaranteed perfect pictures.

Film - OK Photography Olaf Köster


We think our films contain so much more than just moving pictures. We know how to produce images, but also how to cinematically tell a story; how picture, rhythm, timing and music come together to evoke emotions (for web, social media, television or cinema).

Moving Pictures.

Produktion - OK Photography Olaf Köster


It is self evident that we offer you all services for a production. Whether individual parts or the complete project management. We take care. Project management, concept creation, storyboard, mood board, props/accessories, model casting and booking incl. the necessary rights, location scouting, hair/make-up, styling, goods logistics, goods preparation and ironing service, all for a guaranteed project flow.

Everything from one source.

Drohnen für Film und Fotografie - OK Photography Olaf Köster

Drones for film and photography

And of course, the drone as a creative design element must not be missing from our films and images. Flying, it opens up a new sense of space and dimension. For us, it's a perfect tool for creating emotionally loaded images.

Emotion for your product.

Architekturfotografie - OK Photography Olaf Köster

 Architectural photography

To describe the complexity of a building, you need many words. Photography can do this at best with a picture. The portrait of a building with all its facets, whether functionality, the aesthetics of the work, the atmosphere in the room. The work for itself and the work in the room.   Sometimes the image of contemporary history.

Portrait of a building.

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